Bellaghy-Ballyscullion Parish

The parishes of Bellaghy/Ballyscullion have recently launched their new Parish Website. Their previous website had served them well but Rev. Monsignor Andrew Dolan and his parish team felt it was time to update and modernise the site and avail of the most up to-date features available. Which include easy up-load of weekly parish newsletter/bulletins, custom galleries to show case your parish at it’s absolute best, events calendar so your parishioners won’t miss important events in your parish.

To read more on Parish Website features click here.

At Parish websites we were delighted to work with the parish team as the parishes of Bellaghy/Ballyscullion find themselves in a rather unique position; having two churches, the parish church of St. Mary’s Bellaghy, Co. Derry and a second church of St. Joseph’s Ballyscullion, Co. Antrim. However this is not the most unique aspect. You must leave the diocese of Derry, pass through the Archdiocese of Armagh, over the Bann at Toomebridge into the diocese of Down and Connor and eventually to St. Joseph’s on the other side of the Bann.

You can see the new website on

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